Tutorial keyboard come with wireless keybord ~Some

1- Keyboard and Screen Input Devices

– Computer Peripherals Workshop

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Ujash S.

is input devices which is take input by user and send it to the cpu’s
buffer memory.

are several key in keyboard like A to Z,0 to 9, different type of
and Function key(F1 to F12)

Port and Interface

In old keyboard use serieal and PS2 Port.

days keyboard used USB and Wireless Interface for connection.

port) (USB port)

of Keyboards


type of keyoard are different as compare to the normal keyboard.
this type of keyboard have two set RIGHT and LEFT.
space bar key are in Both side of set.
type of keyboard used by people who often work with keyboard like
programmer,Data Entry.


type of keyborad consist internet key like web,mail,Home Page Key.

of Key are same as normal keyboard.

days this type of keyboard only work with Microsoft OS.


type of Keyboard contain MultiMedia keys at top of keyboard.

means Media key(For open music media of OS),Volume UpDown(For Volume
up and Down),play and pause(For play and pause perticular song and
video of media player),skip forward and skip backward(For Skip back
and forward song and video from media player),Restart or Shutdown

type of keyboard make for gaming purpose.

Multi-Media Keyboard are used Mechanical key.

days gaming keyboard come with LED RGB light.


Old Keyboard are used serial port and ps2 connector.
now days keyboard come with wireless keybord

wireless keyboard are used infrared and bluetooth keyboard.

infrared keyboard have not long distance connectivity.In an infrared
keyboard if any other object come between keyboard then keybord might
not work.

keyboard contain send functionality and cpu have recevice
functionality. Bluetooth have long range distance connectivity.
does not effect if any object come between send and recevicer.


type of keyboard come in mobile screen.

days Virtual keyboard are basically use to data a
character,number,symbol and emoji input from user.

ATM also contain virtual keyboard.
of virtual keyboard that contain word suggestion functionality for
word correction automatically.